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Site Supervisor


  • Skateboarder since 1995, wakeskater since 2002
  • Custom and shotcrete skatepark and wakeskate park builder since 2005
  • Notable projects: Miami, FL (Lot 11); Abu Dhabi, UAE; Fort Smith, AR, Norman, OK, The Block Skate Supply Plaza; Ningb, China International School Pumptrack and Skatepark; The Hotel Nahunta Skatepark; Valdosta Wake Compound Wakeskate and Skatepark; multiple pro wakeskate tour builds
  • Areas of expertise include: Layout, Rough Grading, Fine Grading, Metal Fab, Welding, Forming, Rebar, Transitions, Flat Work, Ledges, Concrete Finisher, Shotcrete Placement, Shotcrete Finish, Line Pumping, Concrete Flat Work, Ledges, Wood Skateparks, Skatepark Design, SketchUp software