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  • Skateboarder since 1988
  • Hands on construction of over 100 skateparks
  • Skatepark/ramp builder and shotcrete parks since 1995
  • Notable Projects/Achievments: Bob Burnquist house/Grand Canyon jump, Lil Waynes’s projects, Michelle Phifer bowl, Tony Hawk bull ring loop
  • Areas of expertise include: Staking, Layout, Sub-Surface Drainage Installation, Rough Grading, Fine Grading, Metal Installation and Forming, Rebar Installation on Transitions, Ledge Work, Shotcrete Placement, Shotcrete Finish, Rebar Installation on Decks, Concrete Decks, Finish, Acid Staining, Form Work, Forklift, Excavator, Compactor, Welder, Custom Wood Skatepark Construction, Pool Coping Production and Installations