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Project Background

The Hollice T. Williams Park Project will transform the underutilized 1-110 underpass into an innovative and iconic urban green space rooted in stormwater management, urban nature-scape, early education, cultural heritage and public art. The park will consist of recreational opportunities such as youth sport fields, a multi-purpose amphitheater and skate park, fitness trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, etc. The park will also improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to Downtown Pensacola and the waterfront, and integrate and leverage existing features including the Hunter Municipal Pool, and the existing community garden.

Design Description

This skatepark sits under the I-110 overpass and is located on the same block as the community garden. The site drops over 12 feet from east to west. On the west side, there is a railroad that carries an easement of 50′ to the edge of the park. Site landscaping, viewing and seating will be included to the final design. A general flow of the perimeter walkways is included in this drawing. The park, is over 23,000 square feet in space and has one snake style bowl and another more traditional bowl. The street course has a multiple path design with various terrains. Inside the skate area is a multi-use amphitheater zone that can be used for various events, or simply to sit and observe. Please check out the concept in detail and let us know what you think.

What’s Next

Using the information gathered from this public community survey, Pivot Custom will tweak your skatepark design.