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The Town of Gulfport, FL had a community skatepark for many years and it was ready for a new skate spot at a new location. Located at their waterfront community center on the south of the St. Petersburg, Florida peninsula, this skatepark was to replace a small children’s playground that had been closed. The area was small, so our Pivot Custom design team, the city’s parks and recreation department, along with the city planners, carved out a nice linear path to create a small skate spot that packs a punch. The design has both plaza and obstacle style elements so it provides for a very diverse terrain experience for each and every skatepark user. The way the park is designed, it provides for a wonderful view of the bay so it can be enjoyed by both the skatepark stakeholders and parents alike. Seating in the shade, and wonderful views with a walking trail, this park’s size and location is a very similar setting to your project and we are proud of our record of being able to understand Florida’s challenges and skate scene and thus offering peace of mind that you are in good hands.