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MIAMI, FLORIDA:  Lot 11 Skatepark is located at the heart of Downtown Miami under interstate I-95. This park has over 38,000 sq. ft. of skateable area and has been called one of the (if not the) best, skateparks in the nation. This is not only for its use of space and its custom design and quality construction; it is also one of the only parks in line to receive LEED Gold status for its entire design and construction approach. We utilized recycled concrete and asphalt sub-base materials. We minimized any import gas by seeking materials locally and even having our build crews stay in the area and bike to work.
Lot 11 skatepark is a perfect example of the pride and quality our team takes, and we hope to bring you the same quality to your park. Our team and designers worked with the MPA and the group to champion this park into fruition, an effort that took over 10 years. Every rendition used to spread the message of this park was done by our lead designer and has led to a very well-received regional park.