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We began talking with the Borough of Quakertown and the Free Fall Action Sports Committee back in 2014. They had a large skate and biking community and were utilizing older skatepark equipment. The goal was to transform this space into a gathering place for youth to come together regularly and progress in the sport in a safe, positive and community friendly environment. When the Borough installed their first skatepark back in 2003, they were having issues with vandalism. The community and local church stepped in to provide regular cookouts and competitions. After seeing positive results, the Borough began exploring ways to expand and revitalize the park. They received funding from grants, donors, and the borough resulting in a budget of over one million dollars.

In April of 2020 we finalized the design after blending the ideas, concepts, and overall visions the Quakertown Action Park Committee and Free Fall Action Sports had into an amazing final design that everyone involved is hyped on. The completed project is truly a world class skatepark and is a skate Mecca for the local community and the surrounding region.